About us

Spicezon supplies to the valued customers spices in dried, whole, granulated, ground and crushed forms with sensory characteristics (sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, hot, pungent, fruity, floral, woody, piney, cooling, earthy, herbaceous, sulfury and nutty) as per the US FDA standards. Our spice collections fuction to flowery food, to provide aroma, texture and colour with preservative nutritional and health function (antimicrobial, antioxidants) characteristics.




Our Vision

  • We are our customer’s satisfied supplier
  • We are a company with trustworthy customers.
  • We forward-looking in Technology Innovation
  • We are an extraordinary place to work
  • In 2015 we are the best Mexican Spice producers and leader in the Spice Industry.

Our Values

  • We respect and value the Person.
  • We Deliver Quality, Build Trust, Operate with Effectiveness, Serve with Passion and Teamwork.
  • We value each relationship with Integrity.
  • We execute with Professional Excellence, Innovation and Global Vision.